Spring is in the Air!

The past two weeks have been so beautiful, warm, and summer-like. We've spent a lot of time trying to clean the yard up from the winter. 

DSCN7224Worms are a gardener's best friend.  I found at least 10 while I was cleaning out the beds. 

DSCN7226So of course, I promptly moved them to the vegetable garden space.   

DSCN7229I love it when these plants start to emerge in the spring.  I have no idea what it is, but it looks like cabbage to me. 

DSCN7234The daffodils just came up!  Unfortunately, we don't have many tulips here because the deer love them, but daffodils are in abundance. 


DSCN7242I love this picture as these flowers are just opening.

DSCN7243We had so many downed limbs to cut down and move out of the yard.  Some of them were really big!

DSCN7246I love when the crocuses start blooming! 

DSCN7247They are just so pretty with their simple elegance.   

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