A Quick Carrot Story

So, I placed our seed order about 6 weeks ago.  We've started most things in a greenhouse, but some things we'll plant directly into the ground in 3 weeks. I ordered a packet of Napoli carrots, I'm guessing there are about 100 seeds in it.  Each seed will turn into one carrot.


(photo from www.johnnyseeds.com)

This is the Napoli.  We grew them last year and had a great deal of success with them. Here's the problem: they look and taste pretty similar to a carrot you'd get at the grocery store.  Well, they actually taste like carrots (unlike the ones at the grocery store). I believe that most of the food at the grocery store is blah. Its all the same. One of my gardening goals is to grow things that you can't find in the store. Things that are exciting and fun and beg to be eaten instead of rotting in the fridge.

Thats why we are planting blue potaotes. Because we can. (Check back tomorrow for pictures!)

Anyway, if you know me well, you know that I frequently obsess about whether or not I have enough of things … especially food. I always cook way to much when I'm doing parties or dinner gatherings. Always. I try to restrain, but at the last minute I always fear there won't be enough. So, I throw in more pasta or use the extra bag of potatoes or make another cheesecake. Then there is always a ton left over. Its just how I am. 

Yesterday I started panicking that we didn't have enough carrots to plant in the garden. I mean, really, we only have 100 seeds. Seeds aren't too expensive, so I popped on a few seed websites and decided that yes, I would order more seeds, and yes, I would order fun carrot seeds!


(photo from www.burpee.com)

I ended up with these carrot seeds called Purple Dragon. Apparently they are "gloriously sweet, with the richest, most intense purple color." Thats right, we're going to grow purple carrots … just because we can!


(photo from www.burpee.com)

I also decided to go with these Thumbelina carrot seeds. Because they're cute and apparently gourmet. 

Here is the real kicker. The smallest pack of the Purple Dragon was 1,000 seeds and the smallest of Thumbelina was 1,500 seeds. Thats right.  We now have 2,600 carrot seeds. I'm guessing we'll either save a lot for next year or turn into rabbits. One or the other.

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