DSCN7625This is how a nerd marks out the rows for the garden. I kept getting really confused with my garden lay-out because the garlic was smack-dab in the middle, so I finally stuck sticks in the ground, ran string, and moved them around until I was satisfied.

DSCN7632We finally got our potatoes planted last night. I ordered a set of three different kinds of potatoes from Burpee. It is called the Fourth of July Collection.  These are the Red Pontiacs.  

DSCN7635These are the Kennebecs – they are small white potatoes. 

DSCN7631These All-Blue potatoes are my favorites! Have you ever seen blue potatoes in the grocery store? I'm guessing not. I've never eaten one, but come end of summer, we shall feast on them!

DSCN7642In order to plant the potatoes, we had to dig a trench to place them in. As potatoes grow, you have to keep building dirt up around them, so we tried to start deep in the ground in order to have extra dirt to place on them the rest of the summer.

DSCN7646And here they are planted in the ditch, before being covered with dirt. Pretty soon we should see the plants shoot up through the dirt. 

This is a bonus picture for today. We ordered Copra onion sets from Johnny's Seed a few weeks ago, and I was worried about them because they were starting to get really dry and brown. We decided on these onions because they are supposed to be great for storing. I'm not sure how they'll do because they are supposed to be for a more northern latitude, but I though we would give them a try.  

DSCN7638Well, we finally got the onions planted this weekend, and they are already shooting up beautiful, green stalks! I'm telling you, there are few things more exciting than seeing a plant, that you've nurtured, starting to thrive. Well, maybe raising kids is kind of like that on an even grander skill, but for now, I'll settle for plants!

Have you started planting anything yet?

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