UNC Graduation

Major hats off to my brother Robert who graduated from University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill last weekend, with a double major in economics and religious studies.

DSCN7660The weather was unbelievably beautiful, and it was pretty cool to see all the graduates filing down in their blue robes. 

DSCN7665Robert is somewhere in that sea of Carolina blue. 

DSCN7664I will say that this graduation was shorter, more entertaining, and warmer than Dan's graduation, but I'm still glad I had my knitting. John Grisham was a very entertaining speaker. 

DSCN7670Congratulations Robert!


One thought on “UNC Graduation

  1. [14]Yes, Liz you did a beautiful job. I saw some of the qutils and saw her joy in doing them. I am glad that I knew the Lady, Flora, personally. You see she was not only my friend but my 7th grade teacher. She had a love for Kentucky History about as much as qutils. She always took her class to Harodsburg in order for the children to further their education on KY. Her qutils were a joy to look at and all the town knew John Bill and Flora Allen. One daughter was a year ahead of me in school and the other 2 yrs behind. Berea was truly blessed to have such a fine family and Flora truly started a lot of quilters in this town. Thanks for sharing girls.[] Reply:October 14th, 2011 at 9:07 pmThank you Janet for sharing your story with me. It was really an honor to help tell her story. Sorry, it took me so long to reply- it’s a new blog host, and I’m on a learning curve .[]

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