Weekending – Moses Cone and Gelato

Oh my gosh – we couldn't have asked for better weather this weekend! I'm afraid it might have been the last nice weekend, but at least we went out with a bang! 

We spent several hours on Saturday hiking up to the fire tower at Moses Cone Memorial Park. It was such a beautiful hike!

DSCN9068I fell in love with this tree covered in white lichen-like stuff. It looks so old and craggly – out of place among all the other greenery. 

DSCN9074_editCheck out these little flowers. I haven't ever seen them before, and have no idea what they are, but I shall call them flower poppers. 

DSCN9077The scenery was just so beautiful. Everything was putting forth its last effort to bloom before the cold weather comes. 



DSCN9083Sometimes I can hardly believe we live in such a beautiful place. 

DSCN9086These are my favorite weeds. I love how they turn such a vibrant golden yellow during the fall. 

DSCN9093_editOk, so this is a totally random picture that I barely managed to snap out the car window. We saw quite a few motorcycles with side cars this weekend, but this one was by far the best! My favorite part about this is the leather helmets and goggles! It totally reminds me of the move UP

Have you checked out the new gelato place in town? Scoops is by far one of the coolest things Boone has to offer. I love gelato. I still remember the first time I ever tried it – I was in Chicago for fall break during college and I got kiwi. Delicious. Anyway, Scoops will let you sample anything. Its not nearly as expensive as some of the other ice cream places in town. And … wait for it … they're open until at least 9 every night! Wednesday – Saturday they're actually open until 11. Can you believe it?! 

DSCN9095_editMatt's favorite is the chocolate chip gelato. 

DSCN9097Mine is definitely the mango peach mix. We've gone several times now, and I keep meaning to take photos before I start eating, but its just so good I forget!

You can follow them on Facebook for more information. Make sure to note that Wednesday after 7pm is 50% off!

DSCN9099And last but not least, let me leave you with a picture of the view from my bedroom window – because thats were I spent most of the day Sunday sick as a dog. At least I had a nice view!

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