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Ok, since I've been out of pocket for a while, I thought I would come back to the blog with a bang. I have such a fun knitted project that I have been dying to share with you. Even though this project has been completed for a while, I had to wait to share it with you until it was sent across the world. Literally. 

My sister moved to Thailand this past spring and is teaching third grade at a local Thai school. Even though I miss her terribly, I am so excited that she has finally found her dream job! I am certainly thankful for skype, and the fact that I can even call her on skype from my iPhone. Anyway, she has an affinity for giraffe. I'm not sure where this love originally started – whether in her travels to Africa or from the hundreds of giraffe gifts she has gotten from my mom. Regardless, she loves giraffe. I visited a giraffe center in Kenya this past June, but I don't love them as much as she does. 

So, since I missed her, and I had acquired a new knitting book, I thought I would make her a little giraffe stuffed animal. 

DSCN8281This is a partially completed picture from when we went to the Sugar Grove Music Festival. I so desperately wanted to share this picture with you, but I knew it would ruin the surprise!

DSCN8939_editSeriously, how cute is this little guy?!


DSCN8920_editDon't you just love the spots and mane? I think they add so much character to the giraffe. 

DSCN8949_editAnd here he is – all packed up and ready to travel across the world!

Here is my ravelry post with notes. 

3 thoughts on “Knit Giraffe

  1. Ashley! This is so cute. You did such a great job with it. We adore giraffes at our house too! I think we learned that about your sister when we first moved here. She was the first person we met that shared our love for giraffes. :-) What a sweet gift!

  2. Ashley…. I have been waiting patiently to see this giraffe since you showed me the picture in a book at Dan’s graduation in May! I have not wanted to ask, for fear of ruining the surprise! This is even cuter than anticipated! worth the wait!

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