Green Sweater


I actually finished this sweater last fall, but I kept forgetting to take some photos and show you. This is a basic raglan style sweater. The pattern is Oatmeal Pullover by Jane Richmond. You can find it here at her etsy shop. This is my first raglan style sweater, and the pattern provided good basic directions for me. I made a few modifications, but not too many.

Quince and Co.'s Puffin yarn knit up smoothly and quickly. I used the color Lichen for this project. 


This sweater took longer to make that I would have anticipated. As I was about to start the trim, I realized that I wasn't satisfied with the way it fit around my ribs and waist. It seemed really bulky, so I took it out quite a bit and made several decreases from my ribs to my waist and then increased it back when I got to my hips. I am much more satisfied with this. 

I also got a bit hung up on the arms because I couldn't figure out how big to make the sleeves. I redid them several times before finding a size that fit. Since I knit full length sleeves instead of 3/4 like the pattern recommends, I also had to make decreases once I knit past my elbows while keeping a number of stitches that was a multiple of 4 so that it wouldn't throw off the ribbing. For some reason, how to do this baffled me for a while.


Let me just say that I absolutely love this sweater! The wool I used is incredibly warm but isn't itchy. I found that I mainly wear this sweater in our house (which can stay quite cold!) or outside instead of a big jacket. It keeps me very warm, in fact, too warm to actually wear all day at work! I get a little overheated … 

Here are photos from the last two times I've worn the sweater. 

DSCN9758On our winter hike at Bass Lake. 

DSCN9840_editAt my father-in-law's mountain bike race. 

Ravelry notes here

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