Oh my. After being so busy last week, this weekend was the perfect time for rejeuvenation. We spent the weekend outside in the warm sun and at home straightening up and gathering our lives together. I feel so refreshed and ready to start the week. 

DSCN9849_editI love making homemade bagels. Nothing quite compares to a warm bagel, right out of the oven, graced with cream cheese. Something about bread rising seems complete to me. I am always amazed how dough can rise, doubling and tripling in size. I love to see the little bits that will become bagels fill themselves out and become round. 

DSCN9853_editI first learned how to make them last April, and I had no idea how easy they would be. Since then, we've made quite a few batches. The only downside is that they never seem to last very long. Bagels for breakfast, lunch and dinner? Yes please. 

DSCN9866_editI want one now. 

DSCN9861_editI also made baked oatmeal. I was traveling in China one time and was given this recipe by a lady whose husband worked with the state department. I've since modified it and will share the recipe soon. 

DSCN9856_editThis is Matt's favorite breakfast – baked oatmeal, yogurt, and blueberries we picked last summer. Speaking of blueberries, we picked 30 quarts and are down to only a few quarts left in the freezer. I'm not sure they'll last until we can go picking again in July. 

Sweater_editI spent quite a bit of time with some new yarn this weekend. I'm making the Annabel Cardigan from Quince and Co. in this light brown color. I'm already scheming another one in a spring color. 

DSCN9892_editAnd last but not least, organic Meyer lemons were on sale 10/$2 at my local grocery store this weekend! Clearly I took advantage of that since they were 4/$3 last time I was there! I bought 20, but upon arriving home, I quickly wished I had more! I used all of these to make preserved lemons. I've never eaten a preserved lemon, much less made them, but now seemed like the perfect time to try something new! I'll let you know how they turn out. 

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