Feather Dress

As soon as I saw Modern Top Down Knitting at Barnes and Noble, I was in love. This book by Kristina McGowan is nothing short of incredible. There are so many projects that I want to make, but I chose the Feather Dress pattern to attempt first. Of course, due to my stubborn nature, I didn't use the same weight yarn as was recommended for the pattern, so it took a bit of time to do make some calculations and adjustments. 

I knit this with Berocco's Ultra Alpaca on size 8 needles. You can see the adjustments I made for yarn weight on my ravelry page. My absolute favorite thing about this sweater is the slight billow on the sleeve cuffs. I learned two new techniques knitting this sweater – how to crochet on a border (sleeve cuffs, hem, neckline) and how to crochet around elastic to make the high waist. 




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