Starting Seeds and Frost/Freeze Data

Somehow when it comes to starting seed each year I just can't restrain myself. This year I waited until April 10th to start all of my vegetables, and they are already outgrowing their pots!

Photo 3_editThese are my Eight Ball Zucchini and Cucumbers – I think every single seed germinated, and they grew this much in only 15 days! 

The tomatoes are really taking up the greenhouse space – turns out I started about 160 seeds, and I think they all germinated! I just can't help it – the seeds are so tiny, and I always think, "I should just start a few more." Next thing I know, I've got 160 plants, which are much bigger than tiny seeds!

Photo 4_editHere are some of my little tomato babies! They are getting so big. This year we are growing Estivas, Brandywines, Sun Cherries, Yellow Pears, Speckled Romans, Green Zebras and Goldman's Italian-American. If you live in the area and are interested in purchasing tomatoes, let me know because I will definitely be selling some. $1.50 per 4-pack. 

I was catching up on some blogs this morning and thought One Green Generation's post on Where To Find Your Last Frost Date was worth passing along. The author points out that the National Climatic Data Center has the most information for the United States. I remember finding the freeze/frost data for NC the first year I put in a garden, but I couldn't ever find it again. I'm glad to now know where it came from!

If you look at the information for Blowing Rock, NC ,you'll see that the probability level of the temperature being below 32 degrees after April 16th is still 90. By May 2nd it falls to 50, and it is only 10 after May 18th. Thats why the old timers recommend planting after mother's day – your chance of having a freeze after that is much lower.

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