The Caterpillar Ate my Camera

The caterpillar ate my camera … or at least that is the story I'm sticking to. My posts have been fewer and far between lately. Please be assured that Its not because I don't have plenty of worthwhile things to blog about – because I certainly do – I just haven't been able to document them with pictures. My camera broke several months ago. Well, actually I broke it. As it turns out, the kitchen floor isn't as cushiony as one might think. The screen busted and I could only see about 1/2 of the frame for taking pictures. That worked for a while, and I got pretty good at guessing what I wanted to photograph, but slowly the working portion of the screen started shrinking and shrinking until there wasn't any left. Unfortunately, the iPhone camera isn't a great substitute. It is fun to play with and easily accessible, but the pictures just aren't as good. 

So, while I've been blueberry picking, gardening, sewing tote bags, making pickles, knitting sweaters, and enjoying life, I've had little inspiration to document anything. 

Except for this swallowtail caterpillar. He was capable of eating several dill plants, so I'm certain I can blame my camera woes on him. 


Well please do not fear. The posts shall be back up soon … because I have just ordered the camera I have been dreaming of for months. Thats right, this camera shall be sitting in my hands on Wednesday, and I couldn't be more excited. 



Anyone have recommendations for good photography tutorials?

2 thoughts on “The Caterpillar Ate my Camera

  1. How exciting! I’m so happy for you that you’re getting that awesome camera! Let me know if you have any questions, I’d be happy to help. Also, if you need lens suggestions, I could help you out.

    Happy shooting!

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