Garden Tomatoes

It seems our tomatoes have survived the early blight long enough to start ripening! It was touch and go with the tomatoes this year because we had so much rain early this summer, and the tomatoes couldn’t quite get dry enough. We spent hours spraying on organic copper fungicide and cutting off infected leaves, limbs and fruit to try and slow down the spread of the disease caused by fungus. I honestly wasn’t sure that we would get any fruit at all, and I am beyond thankful to be getting some ripe ones!

You can see that we trimmed all of the leaves and many stems from the first two feet of the plants. It helped keep the blight from spreading as quickly, and it caused more air to flow between them which helped dry them out faster after rain.

Unfortunately, a few of our Speckled Roman fruit got infected, but I’m hoping that some of it will still be ok. See how the fruit is kind of red and yellow striped? I’ve never grown these before, but they are supposed to be great paste tomatoes. I was looking forward to growing these tomatoes all year, and if they all get infected, I will try them again next year!

The first large tomatoes to ripen were the Estivas. These are a pretty standard early ripening tomato, and our plants have already produced more fruit this year than last year. 

I love seeing the progression of fruits ripening!

We always grow cherry tomatoes! These are Sun Cherry Tomatoes – they usually ripen early, and we love to munch on them during the day.

This year we planted 40 tomato plants:

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