Annabel Cardigan

Normally I would do a {this moment} post today, but I haven’t taken many pictures this week, and I am quite anxious to share some of my latest knitting projects with you.

I fell in love with the look of the Annabel Cardigan the moment I saw it, and I immediately started knitting one up in osprey in the chanterelle color. I actually finished the sweater in February, but I have hardly taken it off long enough to photograph it.

I seriously love this sweater more than any other sweater I’ve knit.

The three quarter length sleeves are perfect because I hate feeling like my sleeves are in the way or dragging in things.

I wore this sweater in winter, spring, summer, and fall. I’m actually thankful that we have cool weather sometimes during our summer nights so that I can wear it!

The leather buttons are from my collection. I bought them several years ago with the intent of using them to close a duvet cover, but they never made it there. To me, these buttons make the sweater. They give it a classy yet cozy look.

The only modifications I made on this sweater had to do with sizing, and you can see them in my ravelry notes.

As soon as I got the first sweater off my needles I decided that I needed one in another color. Since it was march, I was craving a nice spring color and decided on osprey in the pomegranate color. I think the initial excitement of the sweater wore off because it took me almost 6 months to finish this one. Because this project was so easy, I was able to knit other projects in between working on it.

This color isn’t quite as universal as the brown one, so I find that I don’t wear it as often, but it adds a nice pop of color to a bland outfit.



The buttons are from retronana on etsy.

I made this one a tiny bit larger so that it didn’t pull in the front, and you can see my mods here .

2 thoughts on “Annabel Cardigan

    • MissJanet, the green yarn is just holding live stecthis that I will go back to for the sleeves (rather than casting off and knitting them separately). It creates a seamless sweater!Jana, lunch soon. I want to be in your neck of the woods soon anyway, to snoop around Fabricland.Jamie, thanks!Steph, what’s holding you back??! Learning to knit is as easy as watching a youtube video these days! And thanks!Rach, agreed, preggers and preggo just bring to mind fat, sweaty, swollen, ugly. I’m somewhat torn on buttons, I am having a hard time choosing between white pearly ones or bright green ones that would match the frog (that’s covering a dumb mistake).Pink+Green=Preppy.

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