Weekending – Liz’s Surprise

If you have been wondering why the posts have been a little less frequent lately, it’s because we have been contemplating some rather important personal decisions around here, and I haven’t been spending as much time online. We have reached one decision but not the other, however we both feel at peace with things right now.

Since I can’t really get into the details of those on here, let me share with you the highlights of our weekend instead.

First of all, let me just remind you of where we live. I took this picture on the way to dinner the other night. I try really hard not to take it for granted that we live in such a beautiful area.

The real highlight of the weekend however was seeing my sister and helping her surprise my mom. My sister lives in Thailand and only gets to come home once a year, usually in April. She had a two week break from work in October and thought it would be nice to come home and surprise our mom. She bought her ticket in August and we have been keeping the surprise ever since! My dad picked her up at the airport in Charlotte, and Matt and I drove up from a wedding in Florence, South Carolina. Dad told mom that he wanted to meet her and my other sister at Olive Garden, and when they got there, Liz jumped out of the back of dad’s trunk.

Liz Surprises Mom from Ashley Wagoner on Vimeo.

Mom really had no idea.


20111016-230837.jpgMom and all of her girls!


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