Its finally strawberry season!

I just harvested the first of the strawberries, and even though it was only 8 ounces worth today, we should be bursting at the seams in the next few days!

Here are a few other random garden shots:

 The kale that overwintered has started to go to bloom. Although the leaves are a little tough, they still have a great taste. Apparently you can heads of the kale once it starts to go to seed, but I didn’t get to them before they started flowering. I’d like to try sautéing them with a little ghee or oil. The chives are blooming like crazy! I love the contrast of the purple flowers on such a rich green leaf.

I found this little guy who had made a home in our garden. I’m honestly not sure what it is – maybe a salamandar or a newt? When I first spotted him while pulling weeds I thought he was a really big earthworm!

Our neighbor came over and Matt helped him learn how to plant onions.

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