Baby Dress for Amari

Some good friends of ours announced several months ago that they would be adding to their family by adopting a baby girl from Ethiopia.  You may remember that I mentioned their blog in Friday’s Linky Love post. We feel very strongly about supporting any of our friends who are adopting because we plan on trying to adopt at some point ourselves. Adoption can be a long process, full of many ups and downs, and it is important to have a support network to rely on.

So, as soon as they got the referral for their little girl and knew her age, I was ready to make this sweet little welcome home dress. She was to come home in early June, so I figured a wool dress would be airy enough for the summertime but add enough warmth for the cool mountain nights.

I used Nicole Montgomery’s pattern and knit it in Quince and Co.’s Chickadee yarn in the pomegranate color. The pattern was a little confusing at first, and after knitting it I had a few suggestions that I passed along to the author. She was kind enough to modify the pattern to reflect the suggestions, which made it a bit easier to follow.

Aren’t these buttons just perfect for the dress? They actually came as a free gift with some custom buttons that I ordered from this Etsy seller. Unfortunately, they are tight because the pattern called for smaller buttons, but I was set and determined to use these. I stretched the button holes as much as I could, and I think they are going to work just fine.

I was so nervous that the dress was going to be so small for Amari, but I think it will fit for at least a few weeks this summer!

Check back later this week for the semi-matching sweater made for Amari’s big sister! Ravelry notes on the dress are here.