Annabel Cardigan

Normally I would do a {this moment} post today, but I haven’t taken many pictures this week, and I am quite anxious to share some of my latest knitting projects with you.

I fell in love with the look of the Annabel Cardigan the moment I saw it, and I immediately started knitting one up in osprey in the chanterelle color. I actually finished the sweater in February, but I have hardly taken it off long enough to photograph it.

I seriously love this sweater more than any other sweater I’ve knit.

The three quarter length sleeves are perfect because I hate feeling like my sleeves are in the way or dragging in things.

I wore this sweater in winter, spring, summer, and fall. I’m actually thankful that we have cool weather sometimes during our summer nights so that I can wear it!

The leather buttons are from my collection. I bought them several years ago with the intent of using them to close a duvet cover, but they never made it there. To me, these buttons make the sweater. They give it a classy yet cozy look.

The only modifications I made on this sweater had to do with sizing, and you can see them in my ravelry notes.

As soon as I got the first sweater off my needles I decided that I needed one in another color. Since it was march, I was craving a nice spring color and decided on osprey in the pomegranate color. I think the initial excitement of the sweater wore off because it took me almost 6 months to finish this one. Because this project was so easy, I was able to knit other projects in between working on it.

This color isn’t quite as universal as the brown one, so I find that I don’t wear it as often, but it adds a nice pop of color to a bland outfit.



The buttons are from retronana on etsy.

I made this one a tiny bit larger so that it didn’t pull in the front, and you can see my mods here .

No Socks

Today I'm wearing shoes without socks. For some of you, that may not be a big deal, but after the winter we've had, I'm pretending it is spring, and it gives me great hope not to be wearing socks. You see, during winter in Boone, you have to wear socks. Inevitably, you'll be on the way out the door to work, and you'll step in a massive snow drift because you couldn't see for the gale force winds, and regardless of how high your boots are, you'll get snow in them. When its 12 degrees outside, you have to wear socks or you wont be able to feel your toes in a matter of seconds. Socks are a must … but not today!

Tomorrow its supposed to snow. Tomorrow its supposed to be 13 degrees. But TODAY its 40 degrees out, and I'm not wearing socks!

Speaking of spring and shoes, check out these delightful flats I got at Target this weekend! I can't wait to wear them!


Liberian Necklaces

Speaking of Liberia, check out these necklaces I picked up when I was there.  


Aren't they so fun?!


As a completely unrelated side note, look how pretty these marigolds are!  I cut them from the garden yesterday because they're so big I am afraid they'll take over the pepper plants. Don't they look so fresh on my desk?