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I am a wanna be gardener, chef, knitter, seamstress, author, and yoga student. Thankfully I am married to my best friend Matt who happily tolerates all of my hobbies and helps me make my dreams come true. I love foreign languages, down time, my chacos and a good vanilla latte. I used to love traveling, but I am slowly becoming more of a homebody.  I thrive on having a plan, and I love fresh flowers. I have a secret weakness for goldfish and fresh rosemary.

We are privileged to live in the mountains of North Carolina, where we don’t need air conditioning and the people are friendly. We “farm” a small vegetable garden and try to eat as much local, in-season food as we can. We have two gorgeous 50 year old apple trees outside our kitchen window, where we often spot deer helping themselves to a snack.


3 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Like your blog, Ashley…your writing flows ! also loved the surprise you all pulled off for your Mom…would love to have been there to see her face :)
    Once my son surprised me after being away for a long time in Houston Texas — he appeared at my door and all knew but me –it was wonderful and I cried –a mother’s joy !!! you guys were great to do that for her, she will never forget it
    blessings, Sharon <

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